The reasons for Panamá Vacations are as many as its natural and cultural wealth. Though small in size, this land is a giant of biodiversity in Central America.

In Panamá, over the 30% of the territory has been protected as a natural reserve or national park so the contact with nature is guaranteed to each and every visitor. With almost a thousand species – including the exotic quetzal and the amazing scarlet macaw – and more than 10.000 species of plants, the green of this tropical refuge stretches from the mountains to the coast.

Even in the capital city there are many suitable places for bird watching, hiking and to learn about the majestic harpy eagle, one of the world’s largest and most powerful eagles, whose image adorns the National Coat of Arms of Panamá. You can find all this in a walking distance of the cradle of business, though of course many wildlife refuges for hiking can be found throughout the country.

But also, you can also enjoy the wealth of this place underwater. Under the clear waters of the Pacific and Caribbean are hidden great coral reef areas that are the home of thousands of marine species of colorful and incomparable beauty that can be enjoyed doing activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. The warm waters of the Panama coast also offer the whales the perfect environment to give birth their calves and are place of enjoyment for other cetaceans such as dolphins and porpoises that can be seen from boats or some islands.

Undoubtedly, Panama offers vacation packages for the traveler and a unique natural experience to feel the abundant vitality of the tropics.

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