Domestic Flights

Using domestic flights is a perfect way to save time and money during your Panama vacations.

Within the country, there is only one local airline that offers regular internal flights to more than 20 destinations including San Blas and Bocas del Toro: Air Panama. Besides, Air Panama also offer private charters and international flights to San Jose, Costa Rica and Medellin, Colombia – offering the possibility to connect Panama with other tourist destinations.

Below you can find a useful chart with the most popular destinations to travel by air, and the comparison between the flight times and the driving times:

Route Driving time Flight time
Panama City – David 6 hours 50 minutes
Panama City – Bocas del Toro 10 hours 1 hour
Panama City – San Blas 3 hours 45 minutes
Panama City – Contadora Island 2 hours by ferry 25 minutes
Panama City – San Jose, Costa Rica 12 hours 1 hour

**Air Panama uses Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport (PAC) in Panama City

It is important to take into account specific restrictions before booking an internal flight, for example the luggage weight allowance. On flights within the Panamanian territory, each passenger is entitled to carry 14 Kilos of checked baggage, and 4 kilos of hand baggage. Any excess baggage will have an extra cost and will be considered conditional, subject to availability.

On international flights, the maximum weight allowance is 23 kilos of checked baggage, and 4 kilos of hand baggage.