Chris Welton
Date of trip: 18 – 22 of July 2019
Excellent destination, all the services were fabulous, The Hotel was Excellent, the whole trip very informative. The guide was excellent and the food very good.
Sandra and Terry Foley
Date of trip: march 8 – 12, 2019
Excellent trip. The Hotel Central was excellent. We stayed in a beautiful room overlooking cathedral for last 3 nights therefore excellent. Service of guide: excellent, language very excellent; very know on all subjects tommy was really good friendly. The driver was great too.
Cheryl and Allan Hill
Date of trip: April 5 – 10 2019
The Hotel was good and the service. The Tours well handled, excellent, very impressed with overall organisation. All went very smoothly and efficiently. Service of guide was excellent, good not have been better. Well informed, always on time and very, very knowledgeable and friendly. The Service driver was excellent, as above- same person. Thank you Alcy Any suggestions: arranged beautifully, thank you Excellency!
Raija and Jorma
Date of trip: February 25- 28, 2018
The trip was good. the Panama Canal visit was very good. Excellent hotel, the driver was relaxed, cool and punctual. The Service of the guide was vey good, the monkey island story was incredible and the service of the driver was excellent, see transfers before.
Gibbons Smith
Date of trip: march 14 – 16, 2018
Excellent trip, a great and view of panama. The Hotel service at Bristol Panama was excellent, Gamboa rain forest resort pass its best. The service of the guide was excellent, language excellent.
Joakim Naldoni
Great variety of scenary and activities. The Tours were very nice and informative. Very impressed with overall organisation. All went very smoothly and efficiently. The tour guide good not have been better, well informed, always on time and very very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you Excelencia.
Roger Veltens
Good trip. Nice rooms. Very good bus driver knows how to avoid traffic jams, always on time. Excellent guide with maximal knowledge and explanations always on time for all tours.
Allan Vargas
Los guías realizan un trabajo profesional y con responsabilidad total, manejan buena información y buen manejo de grupo. Los servicios de transporte muy buena presentación y puntualidad, muy amable siempre listo y limpio.
R & E Sandeman – Gay
We have really enjoyed our time in Panama City. Gregory made everything easy for us. The transfer services always early, always cheerful. Gregory waited for us with patience and his driving was small, comfortable and excellent. The car was always clean. All our tours were excellent. Thank you. Gregory has been a good guide as well as a good driver. Guide´s English is very good and his information and service very good. The service provided by the driver was always courteous, polite and friendly to us and to others. Always very helpful.
M. P Sherwin
The fact that we had a private guide/driver was an unexpected pleasure. The alternative offered when the canal tour cancelled was excellent. Lunches were much better than we have experience elsewhere. The tour guide was unfailingly helpful and courteous.
Robert Fair
Our first time in Panama. A most memorable few days. The transfer always punctual and helpful. The guide was very polite and courteous. A great experience and visit in Panama.