Panama is a beautiful country located Central America that combines nature with tall buildings, and relaxation with incredible nightlife. These features, along with many others, make this picturesque destination one of the favorites for any tourist.

Families find here the culture and nature perfect for educational holidays with children, couples find herebeautiful and romantic boutique hotels for a lovely escape and groups of friends find the beaches and entertainment to spend some vacations full of fun.

But this article is not for them. This article is for those solo travelers looking for their next destination. Why? Because Panama has been named recently as one of the 20 best destinations for people traveling alone, according with Travel + Leisure magazine.

This magazine is aware that the safety and happiness are the main concerns that solo travelers have, because they are looking for places that they can discover without fears and regrets. People traveling alone “are more likely to be on a voyage of self-discovery”, so they are interested in knowing different cultures and interacting with locals to exchange experiences.

For that reason, Travel + Leisure compared the Global Peace Index – which ranks 162 nations for their peacefulness-, and the Happy Planet Index – which looks at environmental impact and human well being in 151 countries to measure where people live long and happy lives. That way they were able to list these particular destinations.

Panama, as the article says, is perfect for adventure tourism. Here you can make exciting fun tours such as whitewater rafting or canopy, and enjoy other kind of activities like surf – a culture that is growing in places like Bocas del Toro in the Caribbean part of the country.

Also, Panama has a unique attraction: the Panama Canal. In fact, a visit to this engineering marvel is a must when you are visiting this country.

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