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Excelencia en Viajes has made all the arrangements for your vacations in Panama. We sincerely hope you have a memorable experience during the next days.

Trade Shows

Excelencia en Viajes will be attending to the following trade shows in order to keep up a close business relationship with you.

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Its privileged geographical position determined the construction of the Panama Canal, connecting the waters between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. This place is the most visited by millions of people around the world for being a prodigious work of engineering.


Extraordinary pot of races and customs give the Panamanian society a culturally distinctive character. Its history and traditions coexist to create a fascinating multiplicity in perfect peace and harmony.


Small tropical country in size but huge in biodiversity, Panama offers a prodigal natural wealth, an opportunity to experience the wild and brimming vitality of its mountains. More than 30% of the national territory has been designated as reserve, so that contact with the environment in this wildlife refuge is a rewarding experience for the visitor.
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