Panamá Tours

Gatun Lake Expedition
20141213The Gatun Lake is the longest artificial lake in Panama - with an area of 166 square miles, and constitutes a major part of the Panama Canal.
The expedition through this lake is perfect…
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Rainforest Aerial Tram & Ecological Exhibitions
20141213The perfect combination to admire and learn about the Panamanian rainforest and its diverse wildlife, not only from above but from within.
The tour starts with a peaceful and relaxing ride in…
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Half Day tour: Panama Canal - Miraflores Locks
20141213The Panama Canal is an engineering wonder with more than a century of history.
During this half day tour, you will visit the Miraflores Locks visitor’s center – with its three different main attractions:…
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Chagres River Fishing

Are you a professional angler, novice or just want to pull luck? This will be a great opportunity to try to catch a snook, a peacock bass or maybe a huge tarpon. Our fishing guides,… More Details

Chagres River Kayaking
20141213The Chagres National Park was established to protect the Chagres River - which supplies 80% of the water needed to operate the Panama Canal. It is the wildest of the reserves near to the Canal… More Details
Full Day tour: Panama City and Panama Canal - Miraflores Locks
20141213This full day tour is the perfect way to discover Panama City.
First thing in the morning, a visit to the emblematic Panama Canal. Visiting the Miraflores Locks visitor’s center – the nearest set…
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One Day tour to San Blas Islands
20141213The Guna Yala Indian Region is constituted by 2.357 kilometers of coast and 365 islands, of which only 50 islands are inhabited. Commonly, the region is known as San Blas Islands, and each one of… More Details
Metropolitan National Park
20141213The Metropolitan National Park is located just 15 minutes away from Panama City, being the nearest National Park to the city and one of the few tropical forests located within a metropolitan area in all… More Details
Panama Rainforest Discovery Center
20141213The Panama Rainforest Discovery Center is located on the famous Pipeline Road, one of the most renowned places in the world for bird watching. In fact, here was established a record number for a bird… More Details
Panamanian Typical Dinner & Folkloric Show
20141213Panama is home to folklore and culture; and one of its most representative elements is the woman’s national dress named the “Pollera” – a totally hand-embroidered two-piece costume.
The “pollera” is complemented with small,…
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Half Day tour: Panama City
20141213This half day tour will give you a glimpse of the two ancient cities that were built before the modern Panama City. First, a visit to the ruins of the “Old Panama” – the first… More Details
Partial Canal Transit
20141213The transit thru the Panama Canal is the best way to experience and enjoy of one of the marvels of engineering of all times.
The tour begins when a transportation picks you…
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Portobelo by Train "The Golden Route"
20141213This full day tour departs early in the morning from your hotel in the city, directly to the train station. The Trans-Isthmian railway system was built in 1850 to facilitate the construction of the Panama… More Details
One Day tour to Contadora Island
20141213Contadora Island is the most developed island of the Pearl Archipelago; and it’s located just over 30 miles off the coast of Panama City - can be reached by ferry in 90 minutes approximately. The… More Details
Shopping tour in Panama City
20141213Panama is well-known for being a paradise for shopping. Your driver will pick you up in your hotel and take you to one of the two largest, air-conditioned indoor malls in Central America: Albrook Mall… More Details
Embera Quera Indigenous Community
20141213The Embera Quera Indigenous Community is located at the end of the Gatun River. The tour begins with a 30-minute ride through the river in a canoe with outboard; during the trip is possible to… More Details
Complete Canal transit

The transit through the Panama Canal is the best way to experience and enjoy of one of the marvels of engineering of all times. The trip departs from the Flamenco Marina at 7:30 a.m., and… More Details

Full day tour: Metropolitan Natural Park, Panama City & Canal – Miraflores

First thing in the morning, you will the Metropolitan National Park - located just 15 minutes away from Panama City, being the nearest National Park to the city and one of the few tropical forests… More Details

Whale Watching Tour

We will head out from Marina de Flamenco at 7:00 am to Isla Bolaños. At around 9:00 am we will begin our tour on a catamaran sailboat and explore the Pearl islands looking for whales… More Details