Baru Volcano National Park

Tour Description

The Baru Volcano National Park is located in the province of Chiriqui – 500km from Panama City. Its territory covers an area of more than 14,000 hectares and it’s the only National Park in Panama with a volcano.
The top of the volcano is at 3,474 meters (11,411ft) above sea level – the highest point in Panama; and the average temperatures vary between 20ºC at the lowest points, to under 10º C on the top of the volcano.
Hiking to the summit of the volcano is one of the most popular tours in the area but it’s important to take into account that is an all-day trek (13.5km / 8.5mi), only recommended for people with good physical condition. The way up to the top normally takes 6-7 hours; while the way down takes about 4-5 hours.
There is a camping site in the kilometer 12 approximately where it’s possible to stay for the night.
Also, there is the option to make the tour by car. This jeep tour will give the opportunity to get to the summit of the volcano without the trekking; and also will allow to make the return trip the same day.
The car ride takes about 4 hours going up and other 4 hours going down.
Duration: 12 hours by car (approx.); 2D/1N if hiking and camping.
Days of Operation: Daily.

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