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Gigantic Gates For Panama Canal Will Arrive
The first four gates for the third set of locks in the Panama Canal, of a total of 16 needed to expand the waterway, will dock at Colón on Tuesday, after a 30-day journey from Italy across the Atlantic Ocean aboard the ship Sun Rise.

This was reported by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) at a national press conference they convened to cover the event in the Caribbean province.

The vessel departed on July 22th from the port of Trieste, located on the Adriatic coast of northern Italy, nearby the workshops of the company Cimolia, which was subcontracted by Groups United for the Canal to manufacture the gates. The ACP detailed that the ship Sun Rise will be received in the area of ​​Davis, Colón Province. Cargo ship crossed three seas.

The post-Panamax freighter transited the Adriatic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and all of the Atlantic Ocean. It is presently in the Caribbean Sea and headed for the Panamanian coast.Once they arrive in Panama, these first four gates will be transported to a storage area until the Atlantic locks are ready to be installed.

The South Korean ship will then return to Italy to load the next four gates, making a total of four trips to transport all 16 gates.

The Panamanian interoceanic waterway, built on August 15, 1914, is being expanded with an investment of $5,250 million dollars to allow the passage of post-Panamax ships, the most gigantic in the global maritime industry, which will thereby increase international trade by over 10%.

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